How we work with you

Our process shows how we work with you to design the best possible home for your needs. From booking a consultation, through to developed design and documentation, site visits and completion of your home.

Schedule a consultation

You can book a consultation on our website by choosing the Contact Us > Book a Consultation menu option.

Design Brief

The initial consultation is a meeting to discuss what your requirements are and what we can do for you. We fully explain the entire process, how we work and the options.

Concept Design

Design concept creation starts with research & information gathering, analysis of the site and local planning rules & requirements etc. Then its time to apply our creative talents, energy and ideas. This could involve various design options. After further consultation with you, any necessary amendments are made until you are happy before proceed. We will work with you to produce a design that reflects your ideas, while adding our creative edge.
Budget estimates may be obtained and any adjustments necessary are made.

Developed Design

Exterior 3D visuals are produced and cost estimates are obtained with any necessary adjustments made to fit your budget prior to commencing stage 2 Documentation.


The most work intensive stage, which involves preparation of detailed working drawings which will be used to obtain a building consent (and later to obtain accurate building prices or tenders).
Written specifications are also prepared which may include conditions of contract. Documentation is sometimes split into two stages with minimum drawings for consent purposes followed by supplementary drawings providing the added required for pricing or tendering and construction.

Site Observation

Site Observation involves site visit for progress checks and checking that the building work is carried out in accordance with the documentation. Clarification is provided where they are any questions the builder may have. If there are any changes at this stage they need to be documented to enable a code compliance certificate to be issued at satisfactory completion of the project.


“Good architecture should be beautiful. In harmony with nature, while performing as a highly functional, thermally efficient, low energy, safe, healthy and comfortable environment.”