About us

About us If you want a house which looks stunning and suits your location, but also efficiently uses energy and adopts state-of-the-art sustainable energy design and will perform well in earthquakes you cannot do better than Bob Burnett Architecture. The team at Bob Burnett are Award winning energy architectural experts who lead earthquake resistant design in New Zealand. BBA designed and build New Zealand’s very first Homestar 10 home in Christchurch, which is open for viewing once a month. Register to ensure a space (book via facebook or eventbrite) as this is a very popular event spaces are limited.

Excellent modern Architecture includes construction and operating costs, resources, functionality, aesthetics and leading edge technology. The result is healthy, beautiful homes that are inspiring and safe. You can have it all and the energy savings will reduce your living costs significantly and make paying your mortgage much easier.

If you can imagine a house where you return power to the grid, you can imagine an architectural design you can be proud of.

Most designs are a fusion of ideas of the two directors Bob Burnett and Japanese Architect Shizuka Yasui which express influences of both Japan and New Zealand.

Think of Japanese Architecture and what springs to mind? Tranquility, harmony, natural materials, efficiency and smart detailing.

Masters of clever use of tight spaces, creating the illusion of spaciousness while working with a compact footprint.

New Zealand is transitioning from large stand-alone low density greenfield housing to tighter higher density urban dwellings that are more spatially aware and provide better liveability and connectivity. Buildings account for 50% of the worlds processed raw materials, more than 40% of energy demand and 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions. The buildings we build today will impact on generations to come.

Bob has championed energy-efficient and space efficient environmentally sound design for nearly two decades. The practice philosophy includes an affinity with solar and passive house design and off site construction methodologies that enables high performance thermal envelopes and low running costs.
Following the earthquake that devastated Christchurch city he instigated Quakestar a rating system for a buildings performance in earthquakes and has also been a strong advocate for Homestar a 1 to 10 rating tool for energy, health and comfort and resource use along with other environmental attributes. The firm is constantly innovating and shares leading edge ideas with the industry and wider community participating in the SUPERHOME movement.

Bob has been particularly active influencing the Christchurch earthquake rebuild with high performance building methodologies and technologies provide more delightful living experiences, enhanced sustainability and resilience. This is demonstrated in New Zealand’s 1st 10 Star home, built by us and available for viewing. https://www.facebook.com/10homestar/